Christ Centred AND Jesus Shaped

The Rev’d Canon Dr Robin Ward examines the wording of the new Church of England vision statement. Aside from it being a pithy phrase does it reveal a heretical theology? The Church of England has adopted a new Vision document for the next ten years of her life, compiled after much consultation by the newContinue reading “Christ Centred AND Jesus Shaped”

What do we owe the dead?

Medieval Historian, Charlotte Gauthier delves into the past, through a Rowan Williams shaped lens to ask our ancestors to assist in making sense of modernity and the purpose of the prayer of the Church. The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage. (Psalm 16:6) As a medievalist, I mustContinue reading “What do we owe the dead?”

Singing a new song

Edward Dowler considers the Psalms, Augustine and anthropology, and calls for the safe restoration of congregational singing to our worshiping life. I recently went to assist my diocesan bishop at the licensing of a new priest-in-charge in the parishes of Ore: a very deprived suburb of Hastings.  Music was played both by the organist andContinue reading “Singing a new song”

Deschooling Theology

In a further contribution to debate on the future of theological formation, Tom Plant argues for the maximum possible decentralisation of ministerial education. He wonders whether the ideas of Ivan Illich might be of help to us in forming a radical new vision of what formation might look like liberated from church bureaucracy and academicContinue reading “Deschooling Theology”

A Shot of Salvation

Peter Anthony reveals the murky racist past that lies behind the invention of individual communion cups in Nineteenth Century America and argues against their introduction in the Church of England for a number of theological and practical reasons. Is the use of individual communion glasses to avoid the spread of COVID a good idea? AContinue reading “A Shot of Salvation”

Sitting at the Foot of Gamaliel

Using the Fathers in Catechesis Studying the Church Fathers is dismissed by some as the preserve of the Academy, with little relevance, or suitability, for making 21st century disciples. Jonathan Bish, however, argues that, for those ‘hungry for God’, their insights are as fresh and lively as ever. In my seven years in ministry, IContinue reading “Sitting at the Foot of Gamaliel”

By Law Established

Management Consultants will speak unto Hierarchs In the wake of suggestions that ordinations should take place without a celebration of the Mass, and that the common Eucharistic cup should be replaced with individual glasses, William Davage asks how these canonical irregularities came to be proposed in the first place. In the early days of thisContinue reading “By Law Established”

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