Middle Management Malaise

Charlotte Gauthier speaks from her experience of middle management in the secular world – how it works well, and where it works badly. The Church of England is replicating all the worst management patterns of a failing company heading for collapse. How can we stop this malaise and restore an efficient and energising vision ofContinue reading “Middle Management Malaise”

Back to Basics Bishops

Fr Barry Orford asks important questions about how the Church of England goes about appointing bishops and what a bishop is. Has an obsession with managerialism prompted us to lose sight of the true episcopal vocation to serve and care for the flock of Christ? When the Pandemic recedes, the Church of England will faceContinue reading “Back to Basics Bishops”

Build Bach Better

Opportunity from crisis in COVID-era Parish music-making Jonathan Pease examines recent trends and developments in the Church of England’s choral tradition. Although COVID has produced many problems for church choirs in the immediate term, might it be that the pandemic prompts a renaissance in traditional church music and the life of parochial choirs in theContinue reading “Build Bach Better”

In defence of the clerical antiquary

Francis Young takes a new look at the clerical antiquarianism of yesteryear. Has the Church lost something in the demise of learned clergy with active academic interests and scholarly knowledge of local history and lore? Is the scholar antiquarian a priestly stereotype from a bygone era, or the representative of a tradition of learning fromContinue reading “In defence of the clerical antiquary”

People first, then priests

Fr Andreas Wenzel considers the question of alternative ways of receiving Holy Communion recently suggested by the Archbishops and wonders whether they prompt more practical and theological problems than they solve. “God himself could not sink this ship!” These are the famous last words of Captain Edward J. Smith who trusted too much in theContinue reading “People first, then priests”

Tunnel Vision

Peter Anthony explores why a recently published House of Bishops’ mission diagram has attracted disquiet, and asks how such graphics might be used better to enhance our thinking.   Finally, we have found something that everyone in the Church of England agrees on.  It is fascinating that every opinion I have heard expressed on theContinue reading “Tunnel Vision”

Dispense with the PCC

Matthew Chinery asks if recent dispensations granted by Bishops are in fact riding roughshod over the representation of the laity in church governance. “I am very aware of the pressures we all face with developing plans for Christmas, and I am particularly concerned that those of you who wish to are able to meet upContinue reading “Dispense with the PCC”

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